Sweet Sacrament CD

Sweet Sacrament CD
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Most beautiful and simple
favourite Catholic hymns
of Love in adoration of
Jesus. This CD SWEET
SACRAMENT includes
the title hymn - "Sweet
Sacrament Divine",
Through Mary to the
Heart of Love. This CD
includes also "O come
to the Throne of Grace
(Our Lady of Fatima hymn).
Testimonials of Stasia Very Music


I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job Gabrielle did at singing and leading the congregation at my brother's funeral on Sept 17th.  She has such a magnificent voice, and it filled the little church of Holy Cross, Kincumber South.  She didn't need a microphone.  It was truly beautiful.
She sacrificed her entire day for our family, and we shall forever be grateful to her for this most kind act.
The wonderful comments from all those who attended the Mass and the burial have continue to pour in, for this "angelic" voice that filled the air!  Gabrielle ably led the singing at the graveside and even the birds in the trees joined in verse 2 of "How Great Thou Art".  It was just amazing!
Gab is such a wonderful, humble, person, who sings from her heart for God's Greater Glory.  We are so very blest to know her and to have had her magnificent voice lift the spirits of many grieving families on 17th September.
Enclosed is a copy of the Mass booklet and the eulogy.  It tells of a wonderful human being whom I am so very proud to have had as my oldest brother.
May his beautiful soul rest in eternal peace.
God bless.
Dear Stasia
I wish to thank you so much for the gift of your beautiful music, which came to me at the exact time that I was experiencing a profound conversion to Our Lady.  I have ordered all 4 CDs and listen to them constantly.  My little 2 year old son particularly loves "Immaculate Mary" and will not allow me to listen to any other song but that one when he is in the car! 
Anne Breheny
Dearest Stasia

I thank the Lord every day for the gift He has given you.  I thank Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit for inspiring and guiding you to spread the message of the Divine Mercy through your voice and music.  I believe this is your mission.

I congratulate you and thank you for this truly inspired, prayerful beautiful CD (Fount of Mercy).........The joy and happiness you bring me when I listen to you sing cannot be put into words.  When I am at a low point I listen to your CD's and immediately feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and start to feel better.  I pray by singing the hymns with you.......I believe this Cd will touch many who listen. God bless you and your family Stasia and keep you in His care always.  Love Jenny  (PS I need 12 CD's).    Go to Fount of Mercy CD

Jenny R. (St Marys Sydney Australia)

testimonial of Adel G.

'Congratulations on the CD Mother Sweetest Best - sounds wonderful!.  May Our Lord bless you abundantly for spreading His good news like you do through wonderful music and song. Go to Mother Sweetest Best CD
~ Adel G. ~                                                                           
'Thank you for your beautiful music to farewell dad.  Bless you.'    
Love June ~
'Just a note..was just getting a few things ready for the feast day of the Assumption.  I'm celebrating Mass here at 7am & 7 pm   we have live music for the evening. But for the morning I'm using three tracks from your beautiful Marian Cd and I just wanted to say thank you.  The spiritual music market is so short of good Marian material and I feel so fortunate to have your CD which has such an interesting variety .  I'I have used it again tonight for my own reflection as well.  I love that CD and the rightful, influential and grace-filled place of Mary that it communicates so gently and naturally! Thank you. God bless.'    
 Fr Paul R ~                  
'Enclosed is a check for your Cd, "Mother Sweetest Best." Thank you very much for your quick response!  Your music is beautiful.  As you can see below I am from the USA.  May God shower you with His blessings.'      
~ John M. Hayward ~
'I am enclosing cheque for the CD we spoke about  last Saturday.  I am looking forwared to hearing the Cd as your lovely God given voice touched me so much that lovely day at Hunters Hill.'    
 Ettie B ~

'Just a little note of thanks for helping us make last Friday evening such a fantastic night of Prayer and Praise.  It lifted the spirits of our Parish.  We certainly wish to do it again for the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary in October'      
~ Fr Peter K. ~
'Stasia!  You have the voice of an angel'        
 Fellow worker, Tonia ~
'I love listening to your voice. I take your CD "Cry in the Wilderness with me" on my long drives and it really uplifts me' 
~ Eddie Holub (Stasia's brother) 
Hi Stasia!
You are very welcome.  My friends, who are missionaries in Belize, Central America, are coming next month to visit and I find it very fitting to give your CD's as a gift.  My husband and I really enjoyed listening to your beautiful CD's.  We played it on our drive to Vancouver once a week to do our street ministry to the sex trade workers and drug addicts in Vancouver.  Listening to your music gives us a peace of soul and prepares us to what is ahead of us on the streets of Vancouver.  We thank God for giving you the gift of music and sharing it to others.
Take care and God bless you with more music to share with others.
Yours in Christ,  - Vida - (Canada)

'Enclosed is money order for the CD's. I put them on while I sew.  Each CD is a delight to listen to.  They will make a great  gift for Dad..  I donated a set for the Cathedral Shop.  I hope you will get some more orders.  This is a lovely way to pass on Mother Mary's adoration (of Jesus).  Thank you for the blessing.'     
 Kay (Bathurst NSW) ~ 

'Hi Stasia!  Thank you very much.  I love the song so much that I would like to use it for my Grade 2 First Communion Class.  Also, all the songs in the CD are beautiful.  I was playing it a few times when I received the CD.  Your daughter's voice is so lovely .... you are both blessed with beautiful voices.  You're using your God given talent to evangelize people. Thanks again for sending me the sheet.  May God continue to bless you richly in your future endeavour.  God bless and keep you. Yours in Jesus Christ,'  Vida G. (British Columbia)

Australian Singer Stasia Very

"Hi Stasia,

I thought I would let you know that I have received the CD.  Thank you very much.  Hope you have the cheque?  It is a great compilation and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.  Prayer through music is a wonderful means.  There are songs on there that take me back to my own childhood. ( Not long ago!) So once again, I am forever grateful for your efforts in getting the music to me.  Best wishes"   Marie  - NSW Australia  
Booking informationAustralian Gospel Singers Stasia Very and Gabrielle Rumora are available for singing at your wedding or family funeral in beautiful harmony. Gabrielle Rumora and Stasia Very will sing in music and voice combination. Both accompaniments of keyboard & guitar may be requested and are played in duet of your favourite Catholic Christian hymns.

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