Sweet Sacrament CD


Most beautiful and simple
favourite Catholic hymns
of Love in adoration of
Jesus. This CD SWEET
SACRAMENT includes
the title hymn – “Sweet
Sacrament Divine”,
Through Mary to the
Heart of Love. This CD
includes also “O come
to the Throne of Grace
(Our Lady of Fatima hymn).

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CD of sacred hymns for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament including traditional Latin Benediction hymns “O Salutaris Hostia” and “Tantum ergo”

(Through Mary, to the Heart of Love)

Heavenly Mother Music brings you the ‘Sweet Sacrament’ CD by Australian gospel singer, Stasia Very. A mix of beautiful and simple favourite Catholic hymns of love in Adoration of Jesus.


1.   Come Holy Spirit

2.   Come to the Throne of Grace (Fatima Hymn)

3.   The Visit

4.   Holy is His Name (Magnificat)

5.   I am the Bread of Life

6. Panje Lingua

7.   Sweet Sacrament Divine (voice of Gabrielle Rumora)

8.   O Salutaris Hostia

9.   Tantum Ergo

10.  Panis Angelicus

11.  Only a Shadow of Your Love

12.  Just Let me Say  

13.  Canticle of Creation  


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