Mother Sweetest Best CD


Holy Christian & Marian music for the whole family
Mary the Mother of God MOTHER SWEETEST BEST – honouring her role as our Mother throughout history over the earth.


This may be just the music you have been looking for. That special First Communion Hymn of long ago, titled “O Mary Mother Sweetest Best”! Or maybe a Polish polka of praise to Our Lady in “Badz Pozdrowiona”
This album celebrates the Mother of Jesus as gift to us by God our Father under many titles over the ages. Our Lady of Guadelupe (Mexico), Our Lady of Fatima (Portugal), Our Lady of Lourdes (France). The Black Madonna, of Chestachowa (Poland), Mother of Perpetual Succour (Ireland), Our Lady Help of Christians (Australia) and Our Lady of all Nations (Holland).


1. Sing Halle Halleluia

– This track is the joyous Halleluia of Hosanna Music heralding Mary’s bringiing of Jesus to us all. Michael Laurence (famous scriptwriter and actor/director) speaks for us that very moving prayer, calling the Holy Spirit, through our Advocate, Mary, the Lady of all Nations who once was Mary, to protect us.

2. Immaculate Mary

– This track is familiar to so many Catholics – the tradition of the Ave (which means Hail, we greet You) Mary or Maria – sung by thousands of pilgrims each 13th of the month in Portugal at Fatima in procession, honouring and greeting Our Lady and dearest Heavenly Mother. (Sung by Stasia and small choir

3. The Visit

– a very popular modern hymn written by a nun who never left her name – what a wonderful treasure to mankind. These lyrics are about the Visit of Mary the maiden to her cousin Elizabeth when both were with Child!! (sung simply with piano by Stasia)

4. Hail Mary

– This is the Gounod Ave Maria as never done before – translated into English with the English words of the Hail Mary prayer in place of the usual Latin words of the Ave Maria. (Sung by Stasia)

5. O Mary Mother Sweetest Best

– The title track here was chosen as the inspirational piece. Many have said they are so touched by this hymn as they remember it when they were a child being sung and/or played on their First Communion Day. (sung here in sweet purity by Gabrielle Rumora)

6. My Soul Proclaims

– This is the Magnificat, (highly favoured prayer of Our Lady herself). This version written by John Michael Talbot was chosen by Stasia for its simplicity and its rendering itself to be sung with choir or solo. (Stasia and Gabrielle combine here with small Church choir).

7. Ave Maria (Shubert)

– This traditional and beautiful hymn so favoured all over the world is sung by Gabrielle Rumora with dramatic Church ensemble and flavour.

8. O Sanctissima

– Traditional old Latin hymn of Europe to our Heavenly Mother. You will recognize this melody and love it. (Gabrielle and Stasia sing with small choir).

9. Gentle Woman

– This is the very popular modern hymn of today by Carey Landry. Guest Australian Gospel singer/songwriter, Amanda McKenna has honoured this CD with a very special version, now used by so many schools. (Stasia joins Amanda in harmony)

10. I’m Your Mother

– This track in Spanish style brings the listener to the joyous sound of Mexico and the lyrics will touch every heart. (See Guadelupe story for more on the lyrics).

11. Lovely Lady dress in Blue

– We are proud and happy to introduce a father and daughter arrangement (Bruce Murray and daughter Melissa) as they touch our hearts when we hear the words of a child as she prays to the Lovely Lady dressed in blue – the Mother – of Jesus. (Stasia joins Melissa in song).

12. Badz Pozdrowiona

– Here is a tribute track for the Holy Father, the great Pope John Paul 11 in his native tongue Polish – a wonderful Polka melody witten by A Golaszewska from Poland, praising and honouring Our Lady and Heavenly Mother and giving her thanks and love.

13. Title Song as instrumental

– This track repeats the tune of the First Communion Song, “O Mary, Mother, Sweetest Best” in wonderful arrangement and live trumpet played by Greg Hebblewhite. This track is still used as in procession of little children as they come to receive their Lord and Master, Jesus in the holy Eucharist.

Anniversary collection volumes 1 & 2

Anniversary Collection of favourite Catholic hymns on 2 Cd’s Volume 1 and Volume 2 of 15 tracks on each volume. A compilation of favourite Christian/Catholic hymns from Cds previously recorded and including Cry in the Wilderness, Sweet Sacrament, I Believe it’s Christmas, Mother Sweetest Best and Holy Spirit of Love recorded over a period of 20 years and still popular. Stasia Very and Gabrielle Rumora a mother and daughter combination of beautiful voice and music.


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