Holy Spirit of Love CD


Holy Christian & Marian music for the whole family

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1.   Track 1 – On the Wings of a Dove – The theme and symbol of the white dove bringing the Holy Spirit to the Great Southland, Australial. (the beautiful sound of Emilie Holub with Stasia)

2.   Track 2 – Land of the Holy Spirit –

Australia has been referred to in such terms even by the Aboriginals themselves.

3.   Track 3 – Spirit of the Living God –

A favourite song that has been sung in many ways. asking the Holy Spirit to melt us, mould us and fill us with the great gifts that the Spirit brings. Here it is sung in chorus of hearts in joyful simplicity.

4.   Track 4 – O How Wonderful (S Very)

5.   Track 5 – The Fullness of God – (F Andersen)

6.   Track 6 – Canticle of Creation –

See on Heavenlymothermusic Youtube channel

7.   Track 7 – You are the Highest Honour –

The World Youth Day cross is accompanied by the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary, the Mother of Jesus stands at the foot of the cross representing all of humanity with her total unity to her Son Jesus the Christ. and as the highest honour of our race, the whole human race.

8.   Track 8 – Spirit Song –

“Let the Son of God enfold you..”

9.   Track 9 – Kisses from above (see on YouTube)

10.   Track 10 – The Our Father (Sylvester version) –

11.   Track 11 – Come Holy Ghost –

Traditional beautiful Christian hymn, in an interesting arrangement –


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