Cry in the Wilderness CD


Holy Christian & Marian music for the whole family

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This CD broke ground in 1993 with its contemplative orchestral style with explosions of uplifting
arrangements created by Sound engineer Jeff Todd. (See for example “How great Thou Art” creating the experience of the wonder of Nature in praising God.)


1. Abide With Me – Traditional old favourite with beautiful voice and orchestral combination, sometimes chosen for berevement or funerals.
2. Ave Maria (Gounod) – orchestral and voice of Stasia Very in ethereal style.

3. Our Father – Sung in the tune of Rhondo Ala Turka – (meditational)

4. How Great Thou Art – Beautiful uplifting version

5. The Lord’s My Shepherd (Crimmond) – an ancient style of music with harpsicord.

6. Holy God We Praise Thy Name

– angelic version as slow meditation with words spoken and sung by Stasia.

7. Kyrie/Gloria (Gregorian Chant) – Missa De Angeles – Traditional Catholic Latin Mass version with surprise Gloria.

8. Silent Night – Meditational slow version with orchestral vioin sounds.

9. O Come All Ye Faithful (Traditional Christmas Carol) – Sung by Gabrielle Rumora as Choir Boy in Church Cathedral.

10. O Holy Night – (Traditional Christmas Carol) – Instrumental version.

11. Amazing Grace – Ethereal version sung by Stasia Very.

12. Nearer My God to Thee. (Traditional hymn instrumental version)


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