Holy Spirit of Love CD
Holy Spirit of Love CD
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he following tracks are available on the 'Holy Spirit of Love' CD

Track 1 – On the Wings of a Dove – The theme and symbol of the white dove bringing the Holy Spirit to the Great Southland, Australial.  (Emilie Holub with Stasia)

Track 2 -  Land of the Holy Spirit – Austalia has been referred to in such terms even by the Aboriginals themselves. Ayres rock – ‘Uluru’ at the very “heart” of the Australian  continent has an energy of sacredness and many have said it “feels” like holy ground. Written by Stasia Very, this song was an inspiration remembering the first peoples of Australia.

Track 3 – Spirit of the Living God – A favourite song that has been sung in many ways. asking the  Holy Spirit to melt us, mould us and fill us with the great gifts that the Spirit brings.  Here it is sung in chorus of hearts in joyful simplicity. 

Track 4 – O How Wonderful – These words were the inspiration for Stasia Very’s first album “Cry in the Wilderness” after realization of the wonder of God’s Holy Spirit indwelling in us and filling us on occasion with certainty of God's presence and providence in our very being.  A wonderful arrangement by Jeff Todd with Stasia singing solo. 

Track 5 -  The Fullness of God – One of Frank Anderson’s most loved hymns – this song was also chosen for its beautiful words selected by the writer in composition with its direction from St Paul to us all  with his letter to the Ephesians.  Sung by Stasia Very. 

Track 6 – Canticle of Creation – This hymn of praise and calling touches people deeply with the words “Spirit breathe Your breath of Love..renew the Earth..”.  On Trisha Watts’ first album, it has been sung by many people and is very appropriate to include on this album of Holy Spirit of Love.  Sung by Gabrielle Rumora and Stasia Very.  

Track 7 – You are the Highest Honour  - The World Youth Day cross is accompanied by the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Mary, the Mother of Jesus stands at the foot of the cross representing all of humanity with her total unity to her Son Jesus the Christ.  This song gives her praise and honour for her role in redemption of all God’s children as the highest honour of our race, the whole human race.

Track 8 – Spirit Song – “O let the Son of God enfold you,” a favourite hymn in the Charismatic movement of the Christian faith.  Here it is sung in sweet vulnerability by  Emilie Holub as guest singer on the album representing the “youth” in us all  with gentle imparting of the Love of Jesus  through the Holy Spirit to every heart. 

Track 9 – Kisses from above – This song will bring a tear to your eye.  Composed after the death of a child in the womb and then the awaiting birth that brought the spirit of her into the room.  The lyrics and music composed by Angeline Wilkes, the mother, came after deep sorrow and reflection of the comfort of that moment.  This song is includedd on this album reminding us of the vulnerability and also grandeur of each of our birth moments into the earth and the presence of the Holy Spirit of Love. 

Track 10 – The Our Father (Sylvester version) – An Our Father prayer central to faith in God sung by Stasia Very as a personal offering and yet as the one unifying hymn to all God the Father’s children.  This version contains the words also (as spoken in the Mass). 

Track 11 – Come Holy Ghost – traditional beautiful  Christian hymn, in an interesting arrangement -  still sung today as a favourite --  enhanced here by the voice of John Wakeling (a symbolic reminder of Our Holy Father (Pope Benedict) with us and bringing the Spirit of God on World Youth Day, Australia) .

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