Featuring thirteen inspired tracks, the album ‘In Praise of God Our Father’ will bring you a closer awareness of God as Our Heavenly Father and aims to enlighten you through the power of music, reminding you He is close and ready to listen at any time. This free APP will lead you to Your music from ITunes at a small purchase rate for single tracks listed on the actual CD album on this website “In Praise of God our Father” product page.

As well as producing further recordings, Youtube video etc the latest work is with “InPraise’ team effort for generating a FREE APP for accessing scripture verse, poetry and meditation re God the Father as the latest theme inspiration. This App presents free content as well as links to Itunes to purchase single tracks for “In Praise of God Our Father” latest CD music work.

InPraise productions has a logo. Please see this or search for “In Praise of God Our Father” to download to your phone either Google play or the App store.