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Heavenly Mother Music . com

Please see FREE APP -"In praise of God our Father"


God Our Father - We praise our Heavenly Father, God of Light and Love - from whom every gift comes.

image of child of God

Music in praise of God Our Father and Creator of planet earth and the universe produced by Stasia Very and Jeff Tod
- First track on this Album of 13 chosen hymns by Stasia Very and Gabrielle Rumora, sound engineered by J Todd represents God as great with big drums and a universal appeal called WE COME TO THE FATHER.  The LORD'S PRAYER (Janet Mead Our Father) is well known as the up beat style by Sister Janet Mead before the year 2000 is Track 2. As Children of God the Creator and Lord we are encouraged to COME TO THE FATHER.
This album is available on Google play and has a FREE APP to share some other treasures re God our Father.  See also ITUNES for individual tracks.  Created to bring joy to the world for children and young and old throughout the world.  Please CHECK THE FREE APP - type in search "In Praise of God Our Father".

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