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 Stasia Very and also with Gabrielle Rumora are available for singing at your wedding or family funeral in beautiful harmony.  Both accompaniments of keyboard & guitar may be requested and are played in duet of your favourite Catholic Christian hymns. SEE MORE - BOOKING INFORMATION

Stasia Very is a Writer and Producer in New South Wales, Australia, offering a comprehensive collection of Christian faith based music in the Catholic tradition with a specific emphasis on traditional hymns. Her career began when she realised she had a gift for singing and accompanying herself on keyboard especially organ for Church music and spiritual and/or country western.  After recording 2 CD's of religious music when a friend offered to create a website for her that helped promote her voice she then began continuing to produce more CD's and there are now 8 plus the anniversary collection of praise hymns. The experience in launching Stasia's solo work came after 15 years of being part of a successful Trio as the lead singer in the "Mystics" while she raised her family. Earning a Bachelors Degree in Secretarial Business, Stasia paralleled her career as a musician, with more than  sixteen years as Associate to several Judges of the District Court and later the Supreme Court.


Following her unwavering faith and its revival in 1991,  and devotion for Mother Mary and the joy she brings to the world, Stasia pursued her career as a song writer and singer, utilizing music and her unique voice and style to reach out to folk yearning for a peaceful experience with the Lord and the spiritual world of beautiful and ethereal music, especially bringing life and serenity in bereavement.  Gabrielle Rumora's voice is said to be in the same light.  

Stasia counts singing and leading a 1,000 strong congregation amongst her greatest accomplishments. This event lasted over a period of 2 to 3 hours without any previous plan or practice with rave reviews.  Much smaller events are constantly being planned by others and held with Stasia's assistance and Gabrielle's  We hope to hear from you soon.

Gabrielle Rumora

Gabrielle is an accomplished and trained singer with a beautiful rich voice. Originally helping Stasia add more tracks and duet arrangements lending some colour to all of the albums over the years, she began herself too sing for weddings and these days funerals.  Her voice is strong and vibrant with a spiritual note.  Gabrielle is Stasia's daughter and their combining in many of the hymns makes for a rich experience at a function for an audience.  There is a spiritual healing quality in both voices and both have sung to the elderly and infirm at Nursing homes although their experience goes back to entertaining at a Pub or club too. Gabrielle recently received a beautiful review from a friend. Please also see the testimonial page or just listen to some of the tracks on this website beginning from home page and clicking on any of the CD's on offer.  Thank you. 

Recent testimonial for Gabrielle Rumora: 

Hello Stasia

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job Gabrielle did at singing and leading the congregation at my brother's funeral on Sept 17th.  She has such a magnificent voice, and it filled the little church of Holy Cross, Kincumber South.  She didn't need a microphone.  It was truly beautiful.

She sacrificed her entire day for our family, and we shall forever be grateful to her for this most kind act.

The wonderful comments from all those who attended the Mass and the burial have continue to pour in, for this "angelic" voice that filled the air!  Gabrielle ably led the singing at the graveside and even the birds in the trees joined in verse 2 of "How Great Thou Art".  It was just amazing!

Gab is such a wonderful, humble, person, who sings from her heart for God's Greater Glory.  We are so very blest to know her and to have had her magnificent voice lift the spirits of many grieving families on 17th September.

Enclosed is a copy of the Mass booklet and the eulogy.  It tells of a wonderful human being whom I am so very proud to have had as my oldest brother.

May his beautiful soul rest in eternal peace.

God bless.



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