Fount of Mercy (Such Love)

'Come to Me with all your heart -- don't let fear keep us apart'

Songs of Love and Mercy


Songs of Love and Mercy on new CD "Fount of Mercy" by singer/musician Stasia Very.

The Message of Mercy given to Saint Faustina of Poland  is the inspiration of this album.
 Jesus, the Divine Mercy has spoken to us through her Diary.

 These songs will take you to the place of Mercy.
including the voice of children and choir
List of hymns
1.Open my eyes Lord
2. Come to Me all ye who labour 
3. My Lord and my God
6. O Blood and Water
8. Such Love
9. Soul of My Saviour
10. Create a New Heart
11. Thank You Father
12.  Jesus My Lord, My God, My all
13. Go Tell Everyone
14. That's What This Altar is For
15. Salve Regina

Fount of Mercy CD


Some one just gave me your CD "Fount of Mercy" and I haven't stopped playing it all day.  Thank you.  It is just what I needed.
Madeleine Thomas W.A.

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