Stasia Very joins the Composer Kerry van der Linden and by her works here captures the essence of the traditional Catholic faith that Stasia says she recalls as a child and that touched her child's spirit and resonated there.

The word 'holy' also means PURE (and set apart - from sin). The 2 hymns "The Little Infant Jesus" and "Guardian Angel" are about that purity; the purity too of any child that receives the HOLY LORD in HOLY COMMUNION for the first time on first Communion Day.  It reminds us of the holiest moment for each person's life and soul in reality in receiving the true presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the host this way(each time).

Kerry's music is unique and beautiful capturing the combination of the traditional Latin and English languages which helps to sustain the  'Mystery' and beauty of the sacrifice of holy Mass

There is a medieval tone quality to the music especially on track "Hosanna to the Son of David".


Featuring Traditional Irish Catholic hymn "The Little Infant Jesus and "Guardian Angel" by Australian Gospel Singer Stasia Very.
The Ave Maria and Holy Mass (parts) - Mass in honour of St Margaret Mary are  composed by Kerry van der Linden

1. Blessed She by all creation
2..Lord Have Mercy
3. Hosanna to the Son of David
4. Alleluia - I am the Living Bread
5. My God Loves Me - sung by Gabrielle Rumora
6. Sanctus/Holy Lord
7. Lamb of God
8. The Little Infant Jesus (long intro before voice)
9. Guardian Angel
10 The Seed is Christ's - (instrumental)
11.Ave Maria (beautiful new composition)


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Sanctus - Holy Lord is a new work by Gospel Singer Stasia Very in conjunction with Composer Kerry van der Linden.  The purity and holiness of our true Catholic faith is represented here. The parts of the Mass in honour of St Margaret Mary, especially in the Holy Holy (Sanctus, sanctus) are particularly beautiful. 
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