Relaxation Music

Relaxation Music

Heavenly Mother Music brings you relaxation music by Australian gospel singer, Stasia Very to soothe the soul and find inner peace.

Start your beautiful healing journey with a free relaxation music download by clicking here.  You will find traditional Catholic hymns for praise and meditation from Stasia Very's soothing collection of relaxation music direct from her CD's.  Experience the healing energy through Stasia Very's relaxation music to help lower anxiety, reduce stress and to find inner peace.

The 'Cry in the Wilderness' CD by Stasia Very broke ground in 1993 with its contemplative orchestral style with explosions of uplifting arrangements created by sound engineer Jeff Todd.  This album is a gift from those creating it, to you who yearn to find a place to rest and commune with him, Our Creator and Lord.

You will find the etheral meditative style of the 'Cry in the Wilderness' CD a wonderful combination of voice and music.  This unique style of relaxation music combining with traditional Catholic hymns sung by Australian gospel singer, Stasia Very, is ideal for meditation, contemplation and Healing.  Remember Heavenly Mother Music for all your relaxation music needs plus you will find divine Marian music, Adoration music, Sweet Sacrament music, religious music, and joyful Christmas music for the whole family.

I love listening to your voice. I take your CD "Cry in the Wilderness with me" on my long drives and it really uplifts me
Eddie Holub

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