Guardian Angels for each human being

The Gift of Guardian Angels

(excerpt from "I Will Restore You - In Faith, In Hope, In Love" Volume 111) Available from Queenship Publishing Co 1999.

Locution message received 2 Oct 1996 - Feast of the Guardian Angels

The Gift of Guardian Angels

Following Holy Mass, I received an image of a guardian angel with a sword engaged in battle with a dark angel.  The guardian angel was a pure spirit of light while the evil spirit had no light at all.  Though both are created spirits, the evil spirit could not have light because it separated itself from the Light, God.  The guardian angel had light because it exists before the face of God and is a reflection of the Light it beholds, God.  I was amazed to observe the power of the guardian angel and the intensity of the battle.  This magnificent created spirit of light, my guardian angel, engages in such spiritual warfare over my soul?  Is this not another indication of the dignity of a soul?  I was pondering this, when I heard Our Lady speak.

Dear Children,

On this special feast of the Guardian Angels, I invite you to ponder the gift that has been given to you by God.  I invite you to ponder the dignity of your soul before God.  Can you recognize God's Love and Mercy for you, soul, in the granting of a special angel to defend and guide you?  Consider your guardian angel a great gift from God.  Consider that your guardian angel engages in battle over your soul.  Especially in this age, when evil has permeated every aspect of your culture, your angel battles constantly to help you to walk the straight and narrow path leading to God.  This angel exists in the presence of God always.  He is given a command from God to protect you from evil.  This protection is vital especially in this age when the devil has released all of the demons from hell to prowl the earth to steal souls from God. 

Dear Children, too many are blind to evil.  Too many are accepting the lie that the devil does not exist.  He most certainly exsists!  It is the truth and the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, from the beginning.  Do not take this matter lightly or you will certainly open up yourselves and your families to evil attacks from the one that you refuse to believe exists.  Observe the increase of evil everywhere!  Your angel is constantly engaged in battle over your soul.  You also must engage in the fight against evil.  God has given you all the gifts of the Holy Spirit; all the spiritual armour necessary to fight the enemy of your soul.  Accept this truth.   Pray that you can become a strong spiritual warrior by the power of the Holy Spirit in you.  Put on the armour daily (Eph.6).  The enemy never rests.  Work with your guardian angel.  Your soul has a dignity that is worth fighting for.  Protect yourselves with the power of the Spirit.  Love is the power and the weapon is faith in God.

I love you, 

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