CDs of Catholic & Marian  music for the whole family


'Mother Sweetest Best' CD'Mother Sweetest Best' CDCatholic Cd of Marian hymns: Mother Sweetest Best is Cd to buy of favourite hymns to Mary by Gospel singers Stasia Very & Gabrielle Rumora. Catholic hymns including first holy communion hymn "O Mary Mother sweetest best"; hymns for church and events including Shubert Ave Maria and song of Guadelupe "I'm your Mother" , also including latin hymn "O Sanctissima" and Hail Mary/Gentle Woman and  Immaculate Mary - hymn of Fatima.
'Cry in the Wilderness' CD'Cry in the Wilderness' CDReligious music CD by gospel singer, Stasia Very. Traditional Christian hymns and relaxation music for Church hymns and funerals. Listen to music free by Catholic gospel singer Stasia Very and Gabrielle Rumora on Ave Maria and "O Come all ye Faithful", Silent Night and Amazing Grace on this Christian Cd to buy. Listen to religious music "holy God We praise thy name" with angels chorus.The 23rd Psalm is quite different as is "How Great Thou Art". Contains gregorian chant of Kyrie Eleison.
'Sweet Sacrament' CD'Sweet Sacrament' CDCatholic music CD of adoration hymns for Blessed Sacrament. Latin Catholic hymns of Panis Angelicus, O Salutaris and Tantum Ergo are on this music CD. Listen to free music of Marian hymn "The Visit" and "Sweet Sacrament Divine" sung by gospel singer, Gabrielle Rumora. This divine music contains Catholic hymn lyrics that are traditional. This CD of Catholic hymn often used for prayer ministry.
'I Believe its Christmas' CD'I Believe its Christmas' CDChristmas CD of carols with childrens voices. 'Happy Birthday to you Jesus' song with children and Pastor gives unique flavour to religious music cd "I Believe its Christmas". The Maltese Christmas Carol with children led by Natasha Vella and voice of Stasia Very on "What Child is This." creates beautiful religious music. Marian music of the Gounod Ave Maria sung in English is the Hail Mary story of the Angel Gabrielle and Mary.
Special CompilationSpecial CompilationA Cd compilation of songs sung by Stasia Very chosen from any of the 5 CD's including Mother Sweetest Best; Sweet Sacrament; Holy Spirit of Love; Cry in the Wilderness and I Believe its Christmas.
Holy Spirit of Love CDHoly Spirit of Love CDHoly Spirit Cd. Listen to music "On the Wings of a Dove" as the first song. Catholic Christian hymns of old and new traditional Holy Spirit hymns. Holy Spirit of love at birth inspiration by Angeline Wilkes song "Kisses from Above" and the Spirit within "O How Wonderful " are new compositions and the old "Come Holy Ghost creator come" Christian hymn is represented for Catholic Church together with new "You are the Highest Honour" Marian hymn on this religious CD.
Anniversary collection volumes 1 and 2A Compilation Anniversary selection of Catholic Gospel music from 5 Cd's by Stasia Very encompassing "Cry in the Wilderness"; "Sweet Sacrament"; "I Believe its Christmas"; "Mother Sweetest Best"; and "Holy Spirit of Love" as favourite selection of Christian Gospel in Volume 1 and Volume 2 containing 15 tracks on each volume.  A beautiful way to listen to all 5 Cd's by Stasia Very and Gabrielle Rumora.  
Fount of MercyDivine Mercy message through chosen hymns of love and mercy by Australian Gospel singer Stasia Very in the Catholic Faith.  An invitation to return to the Mercy of God through 15 hymns of Love and mercy. This CD is the 7th in a collection of beautiful and well known Christian and Catholic hymns.

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