Events for Praise and retreats and/or concerts

Stasia Very counts singing and leading a 1,000 strong congregation spontaneously in praise amongst her greatest accomplishments. The event lasted over a period of 2 to 3 hours of prayer without any previous plan or practice with rave reviews. Much smaller events are constantly being planned by others and held with Stasia’s assistance and Gabrielle’s . We hope to hear from you soon.

Also In conjunction with others Stasia provides her experience in choice of hymns and mantras for leading a congregation in prayer and praise as well as her unique voice and style and accompaniment.

Stasia was invited to Griffith to provide a unique solo concert of her music, singing the tracks together with background images and lyrics for congregation to join in at times. A very successful event and she is most grateful to the volunteer organisers. Stasia may come as guest visitor to your Parish to provide a short story of her conversion experience and reasons for doing this ministry of music and will make her CD’s available at the low price of $10.00 per copy. (Please ask your Parish Priest)