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Australian gospel singer Stasia Very devotes her experience and talents in music and renewed conversion of faith to bring this divine Christian music to you in Catholic tradition.  Her husband Gabe Very supports her in this endeavour.   Stasia Very (sometimes known as Anastasia on the "Cry in the Wilderness" album) has produced this beautiful music on a 5 CD Collection Set. CD's "Cry in the Wilderness", "Sweet Sacrament", "I Believe its Christmas", "Mother Sweetest Best" and "Holy Spirit of Love" contain traditional Catholic and also well loved Christian hymns in renewed style for relaxation and meditation.  Gabrielle Rumora, gospel singer and guitarist joins Stasia on many tracks here in a combination of beautiful unity and harmony of Mother and Daughter voices.

"  I love to bring this website to you, to impart the cocoon of peace I felt on my pilgrimage to a site where the Blessed Mother was appearing daily to 6 visionaries.  The place was attracting millions of people every year and we finally went there ourselves - i.e. my husband Gabe Very and myself at first and subsequently 2 of our daughters (we have 4) - Gabrielle sings with me on many of the tracks here on the CD's in question, in beautiful harmony - our voices do blend well.  She has added a dimension of her own personal strength and beauty to the sound of these hymns. Angeline is now quite an excellent guitarist and good all round musician and has composed the very beautiful song on "Holy Spirit of Love" CD called "Kisses from Above".  We all delight in bringing them to you in a renewed style of discovering the words of praise in a new light which uplifts the soul in the way we were also uplifted.  We hope you enjoy the music as many have already said has been a blessing for them.  May God bless you too, through this music as He has blessed our family."


More about Stasia - as written on Who's Who

Stasia Very is a Writer and Producer in New South Wales, Australia, offering a comprehensive collection of Christian faith based music with a specific emphasis on traditional hymns surrounding Mother Mary. Her career began after recording 2 CD's of religious music when a friend offered to create a website for her that helped promote her voice. The experience in launching Stasia's solo work came after 15 years of being part of a successful Trio as the lead singer in the "Mystics" while she raised her family. 

Earning a Bachelors Degree in Secretarial Business, Stasia paralleled her career as a musician, with an impressive sixteen years as Associate to Judge Cooper for The District Court of New South Wales. 

Following her unwavering faith, and devotion for Mother Mary and the joy she brings to the world, Stasia pursued her career as a song writer and singer, utilizing music and her unique voice and style to extend her deep connection with Mother Mary and the Holy Trinity.  Producing six CD’s of Christian music over the past two decades, including that of the Catholic faith, Stasia is currently producing her next album, "Fount of Mercy - Such Love", which is aimed for completion in July or August of 2012.  (now available – see website

Stasia counts singing and leading a 1,000 strong congregation amongst her greatest accomplishments. The event lasted over a period of 2 to 3 hours without any previous plan or practice with rave reviews. 


Stasia Very Music

Ph 02 8113 5794  m. 0425 286649



Stasia Very on (02) 8113 5794 and Gabrielle Rumora on (02) 98344569 are trained singers and have had many years experience both on stage and most especially through choir participation and solo lead are available to sing at your wedding or church service such as funerals.  They are a team and harmonise and blend beautifully (testimonial of many).

Gabrielle Rumora's voice resonates in beautiful spiritual harmony as soprano in duet with Stasia Very on certain tracks of each album of songs on this website of Marian and Christian cd's of blissful music for heart and soul.

Gabrielle's solo works on a number of the tracks are favourites of Catholic music on each of the 7 albums of Catholic faith hymns.  As mother and daughter it is difficult to recognise the voices apart at times.

Gabrielle's special renditions of "O Holy Night" on Christmas  album "I Believe its Christmas" and the Shubert Ave Maria on "Mother Sweetest Best" album are my absolute favourites.  She brings back the spiritual holiness of "Sweet Sacrament Divine" on album "Sweet Sacrament".  Stasia equally joins Gabrielle on some tracks in harmony.

Gabrielle Rumora is a trained singer and very much sought after for choirs as lead cantor, soloist for church functions and spiritual events.  Please contact Gabrielle on 61 2 98344569 or M. 0419 404299


For Bookings of the voices you hear on these albums - STASIA VERY AND GABRIELLE RUMORA AS SINGERS AND MUSICIANS FOR CHURCH AND OTHER FUNCTIONS: - 61 2 8113 5794 or M. 0425 286649

We trust we can help you and make it a memorable and beautifully spiritual occasion.




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