Stasia Very - Australian Gospel Singer

Australian Gospel Singer


Australian  singer/musician Stasia Very devotes her experience and beautiful voice to bringing traditional Christian/Catholic music in a refreshing new style to people on CD.  These works make Catholic Music a pleasure to listen to in the car or when in the mood for prayer and meditation. They each enhance the lyrics of those songs and hymns that many say are their favourites. 

 After renewed conversion of faith with her husband Gabe she felt the call to enliven Catholic Themes using some Latin Gregorian; The Blessed Sacrament and Benediction; the joy of Christmas, devotion to Mary, the Immaculate Heart, the Holy Mass: the Holy Spirit; The Divine Mercy and now God our Heavenly Father as the latest of 8 CD's of music and song, beautifully recorded as a fine product to be used over and over, especially whilst driving.   Her husband Gabe Very supports her in this endeavour and himself felt the call, especially with the first CD "Cry in the Wilderness in 1993.  Stasia invited her daughter to co-operate and incorporates the lovely voice of Gabrielle Rumora, herself a trained singer. Gabrielle adds another beautiful dimension to some of the tracks such as "O Holy Night" and the Shubert "Ave Maria..Also other daughter wrote "Kisses from Above" on the Holy Spirit of Love CD.

Following her unwavering faith, and devotion for Mother Mary and the joy she brings to the world, Stasia pursued her career as a song writer and singer, utilizing music and her unique voice and style to extend her deep connection with Mother Mary and the Holy Trinity.  On "I Believe its Christmas" she wrote "Happy Birthday to You, Jesus". 

Stasia counts singing and leading a 1,000 strong congregation spontaneously in praise amongst her greatest accomplishments. The event lasted over a period of 2 to 3 hours of prayer without any previous plan or practice with rave reviews.

Stasia says it is truly difficult to find well recorded and holy music to BUY. This would be an opportunity TODAY.  May God bless you. 




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