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Start your day with the gift of God's Love for you. The lyrics of Christian songs are so beautiful.  Often we don't hear them all or notice the beautiful words of praise -- and sometimes they tell the story. All the songs on the music on these CD's here were chosen for their beautiful lyrics.


 Inspired music recorded by accomplished gospel singer Stasia Very and dedicated to take the listener on a journey of love.

OVER the last 25 years when the inspiration took her Stasia embarked upon bringing her favourite hymns choosing lyrics

 that uplifted her own spirit.  There was always a theme and always a song to the Blessed Mother, Queen of Heaven.  The

music has been a constant source of peace and prayer and a delight to many who testify here.  Mostly they say it is for listening

and enjoying in the car when driving anywhere.  We hope you love it too.  Please just click on the albums to see more of the songs

and reason for the theme.  "They say I have a beautiful voice like honey and Gabrielle Rumora who often sings with me enhances

our harmonies and also leads in many of the tracks that have become favourites."  says Stasia   ENJOY!


   All CDs are $15 AUD - Click on the CD icon to get more info and purchase

        BRAND NEW ALBUM        
      In Praise of God Our Father
Hymns of praise to God
        the Father

                  Sweet Sacrament
              Hymns  of love and adoration of
              Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament 

             I Believe It's Christmas -
             Traditional Christmas Carols and a special
                 'Happy Birthday To You, Jesus' 


       Holy Spirit of Love
       Featuring 'On the Wings
          of a Dove



   Mother Sweetest Best - 
      Beautiful hymns in 
       honour of Mother Mary    

                 Fount of Mercy  
                     Inspired by 
                      of Divine Mercy to
Saint Faustina 


Anniversary Collection OFFER

               Anniversary Collection 
               Click here for the Anniversary
Volume 1 and
               Volume 2

                Songs for First

  "Thank you Stasia. I couldn't stop listening and I got so emotional remembering some of the hymns from school days. They are so beautiful!" -  Wanda.

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Anniversary Collection OFFER

Anniversary Collection OFFER
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SPECIAL OFFER of Anniversary Favourites - 2 cd's for $20 REDUCED  to keep as a collection of the whole of the works of: Cry in the Wilderness; Sweet Sacrament; I Believe its Christmas; Mother Sweetest Best; and Holy Spirit of Love.

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